Product companies need a different mindset and playbooks than IT services businesses. They need to anticipate customer needs rather than just react to them. They need to brand themselves in very different ways and create IP that will disrupt the marketplace. They need deep technologists rather than fungible engineers. And so on. ProductNation blog and community is the platform for enabling crucial conversations around these issues amongst practitioners. The highly regarded Playbook Roundtables and #PNCamp are examples of the small, intimate and intense experiential learning sessions that we have pioneered.


If you are at the scale hacking stage, which we also call as the Happy Confused stage, please attend Playbook Roundtables on major shifts.


#PNCamp has a full day devoted to Discovery Hacking sessions. We are piloting a new experiential learning format for this stage. This follows our small, intimate and intense pedagogy. Watch this space for more details in the coming months.


We are actively involved in an experimental three-week academy, Innovate Delhi, to experiment with the right format for aspiring product entrepreneurs. If this works well, we will roll this out with our partners to other locations.


This is the industry watering hole for the software product industry. It has a cornucopia of useful information. It connects our tribe together and is our primary channel for talking with product entrepreneurs within the industry.
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All our experiential learning sessions are small, intimate and intense. We curate the participants in these sessions to improve peer learning and facilitate deep networking. Typically only half of the applicants get selected. We encourage you to fill out the applications diligently as that improves the odds of being selected. Often times, the light slightly preference to existing PNFT as our goal is to make a deeper, rather than broader impact.

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