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At iSPIRT, we focus on building great relationships with innovative businesses. We mentor for growth.

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We believe that the new generation of Indian software products will have a big impact on improving government, labour, and social productivity.

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Four years on, there has been good progress but there is much more to do. We believe that Silicon Valley does an admirable job of innovating for the first billion. India has the potential to innovate for the next six billion.

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Our Three Pillars



We convert ideas into policy proposals to take to government stakeholders. As part of the advocacy efforts we explain, educate and inform government policymakers and other policy bodies that a vibrant software product industry is vital to India’s future.

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Product companies need a different mindset and playbooks than IT services businesses. They need to anticipate customer needs rather than just react to them. They need to brand themselves in very different ways and create IP that will disrupt the marketplace.

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Market Catalysts

We convert actions of self-help communities into market catalysts for the Software Product Industry. Many intractable ecosystem problems can’t produce at the firm level. However, they can by a self-help community of individuals or companies.

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Key Initiatives

Unique Digital Infrastructure to solve India's hard problems

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Leveraging GST data for Flow based Lending

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