We are a technology think tank with a difference. We do three things:

POLICY: We convert ideas into policy proposals to take to government stakeholders. As part of the advocacy efforts we explain, educate and inform government policymakers and other policy bodies that a vibrant software product industry is vital to India’s future. To aid policymaking we also provide unbiased data about the product industry through our Product Industry Monitor reports. We strive to have a symbiotic relationship with trade organizations, including NASSCOM, and see them leading the charge of converting our policy prescriptions into reality.

PLAYBOOKS: We convert conversations into playbooks for product entrepreneurs. Product companies need a different mindset and playbooks than IT services businesses. They need to anticipate customer needs rather than just react to them. They need to brand themselves in very different ways and create IP that will disrupt the marketplace. They need deep technologists rather than fungible engineers. And so on. ProductNation blog and community is the platform for enabling crucial conversations around these issues amongst practitioners. The highly regarded Playbook Roundtables and #PNCamp are examples of the small, intimate and intense experiential learning sessions that we have pioneered.

MARKET CATALYSTS: We convert actions of self-help communities into market catalysts for the Software Product Industry. Many intractable ecosystem problems can’t be solved at the firm level. However, they can be solved by a self-help community of individuals or companies. We are creating open-access market catalysts to improve access to Corporate Development (to increase M&A), Indian SMBs buyers and Global CIOs.