iSPIRT Foundation works to transform India into a hub for new generation software products, by addressing crucial government policy, creating market catalysts, building societal platforms, and assisting product entrepreneurs to evolve into the next role. It’s a think and do tank with an emphasis on following up our ideas with great execution.

Our volunteers Sharad Sharma and Siddharth Shetty held an impromptu Open Session on Balloon Volunteering on 20th September 2020 to talk about the volunteering opportunities at iSPIRT Foundation.

Below are some of our key volunteer opportunities and watch the entire session to find out how to engage with our organisation.

  1. Underwriting Models for Cash Flow Lending
    Shift from underwriting an entity to underwriting a business transaction.
  2. Open Credit Enablement Network (Performance)
    High Availability & Performance across multiple parties
  3. Real-Time Pledge Registry
    Preventing Double Financing & Over-indebtedness
  4. Capital Allocation for Cash Flow Loans
    Growing a Cash Flow Loan Book
  5. Multi-Party Dispute Resolution
    Real-Time resolution of disputes across multiple parties
  6. Economic Framework for Digital Public Infrastructure
    Designing incentive-aligned business models (Data Sharing, Payments)
  7. Paperless & Presenceless Digital Public Infrastructure for Entities
    Enabling Digital KYC & Digital Signatures for Sole Props, Partnerships, and Pvt Ltd

As you probably know by now, it is difficult to become an iSPIRT volunteer, but easy to cease being one. The arduous process of becoming a volunteer allows each side to feel each other out. We want you to get into volunteering with your eyes open. As part of this counter-intuitive mantra, we let you hibernate without any hesitation. This enables you to make soft promises that you can keep.

If you are passionate about making India a ProductNation and interested to pick a challenge from the above list, then please fill the form in this blog post.