We convert actions of self-help communities into market catalysts for the Software Product Industry. Many intractable ecosystem problems can’t be solved at the firm level. However, they can be solved by a self-help community of individuals or companies. We are creating open-access market catalysts to improve access to Corporate Development (to increase M&A), Indian SMBs buyers and Global CIOs.


Approaching the dynamic field of Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A) is challenging for the large corporate buyers as well as entrepreneurs, and more so on cross-border transactions. As a support system for emerging ideas, iSPIRT is committed to providing an environment that facilitates improved M&A deal flow both for acquirers wanting to gain access to new markets and technologies, as well as the entrepreneurs interested in an exit strategy. Our basic approach to M&A is facilitating all of the important aspects – the discovery of targets, improving the readiness of startups, reducing friction on deals, bringing forth the suitable ecosystem players, who assist the transaction as well as organization integration.

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